Location: fitology studio     Address: 9a Gamma Terrace, West Rd, Ransomes Industrial Estate, Ipswich IP3 9FF, UK

Instructor: Emma Atkinson



LBT - Legs bums and tums first got popular in the '90s. This class starts with cardio exercises then goes into slower standing exercises for the legs, then we bring it down to the floor for exercises targetting the midsection, back strengthening, and glute (bum) area.
Legs Bums Tums - Fitology Studio
It consists of an old skool fitness class - building strength and stamina - keeping the body strong.

This LBT - Legs bums and tums fitness class basically does what it says on the tin! ....... Works the legs, bums and tums LBT.  If your aim is to lose weight, tone up, and strengthen your muscles then this is the class for you.

Fitology Studio will challenge those targeted areas but will not overload the muscle groups and is a simple structured fitness class.

LBT - Legs bums and tums is suitable for all levels of fitness and of all ages we have all types of people that do this class.  You can burn around 400 calories per hour and you will feel the burn but you will feel great after - it is a great fat buring class. The class will consist of squats, hamstring curls, plies, leg raises, lunges and core exercises.  You do what you feel you can take, each week you will gain more muscle.

Our trained professional instructors will help each of you and work closely with you to work towards that fitness goal you are aiming for - we are trainied specifically for Group Exercise classes and this is where our passion is 

There are 2 monthly subscriptions available to book live and zoom and plus we offer PAYG (pay as you go) options too for both live and zoom too.

We get booked up very quickly as the studio only holds 16 spaces per class. Please remember to bring a bottle of water and your mat, if you don't have one we have some wipeable mats to use.

Contact Fitology Studio in Ipswich on 07786 656 208 or email us at if you have a question about LBT - Legs bums and tums.

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