Location: fitology studio     Address: 9a Gamma Terrace, West Rd, Ransomes Industrial Estate, Ipswich IP3 9FF, UK

Instructor: Emma Atkinson


Zumba is a fun and popular dance and fitness workout to Latin and International genres. It consists of a mixture of high and low-intensity workouts and helps you physically and mentally.

It is an easy-to-follow class, using hand signals and 3 - 4 steps per routine that we break down and build up to create a dance workout, with adding arms and intensity and alternating fast & slow rhythms for a whole body workout - it is also designed in a way that gives you that high and low intensity workout burning the fat calories off your body

Dances of Bollywood, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Hip Hop and more .....

This fitness class is a great cardiovascular session that helps with hidden upper body toning and midsection movements and helps your core and balance too - that workout in disguise.

Zumba was first created in 2001, and is one of the most popular dance routines, and is now a worldwide fitness brand that has a great community of instructors too.

Pump Zumba - Fitology StudioIt's suitable for everyone of all ages, so whether your a beginner or at an intermediate fitness level this class has no boundaries plus you will make friends while you're achieving your goals - there are no rules in Zumba, just move how you move and the workout is fun and energising 

The Zumba classes are a great feel-good fun fitness class. You can burn around 450 calories in an hour's Zumba session. You will feel great after this fitness class and we have lots of fun with it dancing to Latin music.

If you love Dance then this is the class for you.

Wear something that you can move freely in, something light and breathable, and don't forget that bottle of water if needed,

So, if you have any questions about Zumba at Fitology Studio, Ipswich, contact us on 07786 656 208 or email us at info@fitologystudio.co.uk.

Fitology Studio Owner Emma has been teaching Zumba since 2001 and is fully licensed, check out www.zumba.com for more information - She have attended the Uk Zumba Academies for Zumba Instructors and has taken part in many of their Instructor Trainings and continuning development workshops

Monthly packages for Zumba classes

Fitology Studio in Ipswich, Suffolk provides monthly subscriptions - there are two packages that are available, one for live and one via Zoom. Also, we offer PAYG (pay as you go) options too, for both live and Zoom.

Book your space as early as possible as we get booked up very quickly, due to the studio only holding 16 spaces per class.

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