Location: fitology studio     Address: 9a Gamma Terrace, West Rd, Ransomes Industrial Estate, Ipswich IP3 9FF, UK

Instructor: Emma Atkinson


A yoga-inspired class with fitness and stretch elements

This Yoga Stretch class flows through yoga moves to improve flexibility and create a deeper stretch for the different body areas
Each class is designed to approach a specific body area for greater concentration and awareness. To show how your body moves, imbalances in the different sides of the body, stress, and stretch. It uses yoga breathing to relax and connect to the body on an inner level.

If you are new to yoga, a great class to start with is a fitness element and introduction to the yoga moves. You will hold some positions longer to improve flexibility and for relaxation. 

Yoga Stretch - Fitology StudioYoga Stretch is a perfect class for giving yourself and your mind and body time out to recharge and repair. You will stretch your body into ways you didn't think you could!

There are so many benefits to doing this class. Which includes arthritis, back pain, heart health and helps manage stress. You will not only burn calories doing Yoga Stretch but tone muscles too. We will also use breathing techniques using medication and relaxation to get the mind and body feeling great.

Did you also know that Yoga Stretch can help your sleep! With regular exercises, your sleep pattern will improve and you will notice you may sleep better and longer.

Monthly packages for Yoga Stretch classes

We provide two Monthly package subscriptions, which are: Live and Zoom. We also provide PAYG (pay as you go) options too for both options. The studio only holds 12 spaces per session, so get booked in early as we get booked up very quickly.

If you have any questions about this class please call us on 07786 656 208. Alternatively, you can email us at
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