Location: fitology studio     Address: 9a Gamma Terrace, West Rd, Ransomes Industrial Estate, Ipswich IP3 9FF, UK

Instructor: Emma Atkinson



​This low-impact Pilates fitness class makes your body aware of your own mobility and range and is great for movement and stretch. It is great for strengthening the whole body from the inside out.

Pilates is a method of Contrology, it was created in the 19th Century. It was designed to alleviate ill-health.

​It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, and co-ordination. Fitology Studio based in Ipswich, IP3 9FF can help you use correct posture which can improve safety by correcting muscle imbalances and optimising co-ordination. Breathing is a very important part of Pilates, I know it sounds strange to be taught this when we breathe every day...... but we will teach you to breathe correctly to make you feel relaxed not just in the studio but at home too.

Fitology Studio in Ipswich offers this group exercise fitness class of standing and mat work movements. Research has shown that Pilates really helps with your mental and physical health and really helps with arthritis and anyone with chronic lower back pain.

So if you want to strengthen your body and improve your posture then this could be the class for you! This fitness session is for all ages and different types and levels of fitness. So, whether your are a beginner or an expert, we have it covered in this group.

Monthly packages for Pilates classes

We provide two monthly package subscriptions - one for live and one over zoom. We also offer PAYG (pay as you go) options too, for live and zoom.

The studio only holds 12 spaces per session so we get booked up very quickly.

Do you have a question regarding Pilates classes then contact us on 07786 656 208 or email us at info@fitologystudio.co.uk.

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